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Our Legacy - part of defining the past, now part of shaping the future

With a 200 year legacy to build on, MWH Treatment have worked to define the past and are continually working to shape a better  future. We pride ourselves on being the most partnered company in the water treatment sector. To be able to claim that, you truly need collaboration at the heart of your organisation.

Our Experts - be part of something special

As a member of MWH Treatment’s community of driven, passionate and expert professionals, you’ll have a chance to grow and develop as a future leader and innovator. This will involve working with people who constantly challenge and offer fresh perspectives in all directions. Attracting great talent is just the start, developing that talent into sector leaders and experts sits at the centre of our people plan.

Our Proof - our sector leading solutions

MWH Treatment has a sector leading knowledge and a strong understanding of asset performance, we consistently demonstrate our proven, trusted and innovative approach to meeting our clients’ challenges.

Our Innovation - redefining the way we design, deliver and operate

As an integrated design and delivery solution provider, MWH Treatment are about digital delivery – it’s not what we could do, it’s what we are doing, what we’ve learnt and what we’re going to do next.