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Creating flourishing commercial relationships

Our commercial teams ensure our strategic and long term relationships are equitable and flourish. Whether it is through value based selections or creating commercial relationships, our teams provide the commercial environment to unlock creativity and innovation. This provides flexibility for change, rewards innovation and value, while at the same time building trust through consistency and clarity. Our team excel in effectively handling multiple stakeholders’ needs and provide efficient and quality solutions for all of our clients. This is essential in keeping our relationships strong and help future projects get delivered with increased certainty, transparency and positive commercial results for all parties.

 “I attain and maintain healthy commercial relationships and ensure that projects are ran smoothly and efficiently. I work hard to contribute to the success of each and every water project safeguarding the ultimate goal; happy and healthy customers”

Charlie Rice, Quantity Surveyor

Charlie’s Story

From 2015 I began at MWHT as an apprentice. This involved a 4 year course attaining level 4 qualifications including a BTEC L3, HNC & NVQ L2. Throughout the 4 years, MWHT placed me in 5 different sectors of the company; this gave me a robust knowledge on how the industry, and more specifically MWHT, worked. My placement on the Ince Biomass project in 2017 began my course of being a Quantity Surveyor (QS). My passion grew into the commercial sector via dealing with subcontractor accounts, client relations and a vast amount of other high level jobs. As the years passed by, my knowledge of the QS role grew and grew into where I am today.

Additionally, upon completion of the 4 year apprenticeship, MWH Treatment supported my further aspirations by enrolling me into University, to professionally study said passions. To have a role like mine it is important to be extremely aware of 3 things; quality, time and cost. Each are vital to the success of a project and it is important to understand and learn what to do if these things don’t go perfectly plan, which can happen. Having a hard working, willing to learn mindset is important in any role; implement it into your passion and your onto a winner.

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