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Creating flourishing commercial relationships

Our commercial teams ensure our strategic and long term relationships are equitable and flourish. Whether it is through value based selections or creating commercial relationships, our teams provide the commercial environment to unlock creativity and innovation. This provides flexibility for change, rewards innovation and value, while at the same time building trust through consistency and clarity. Our team excel in effectively handling multiple stakeholders’ needs and provide efficient and quality solutions for all of our clients. This is essential in keeping our relationships strong and help future projects get delivered with increased certainty, transparency and positive commercial results for all parties.

 “I make the sustainable commercial relationships happen, that are the magic behind, clean water appearing whenever the tap is turned – that is why my job is so rewarding”

Nicole Cuerden, Quantity Surveyor

Nicole’s Story

Having qualified as a Mechanical Engineer, I quickly realised that my strengths lay in the commercial arena, so with support from MWH Treatment I changed my career path and gained a first class honours in Quantity Surveying. To be a great Quantity Surveyor you need to have plenty of empathy, be able to create mutually beneficial commercial relationships, and have the excellent communication and negotiation skills required.

As a Quantity Surveyor I manage all the contractual and financial aspects of a construction project, reducing risk and adding value. I evaluate and appoint our subcontractors, ensuring they have the required technical competency, organisational capacity and behaviours we require to make our projects outstanding. Placing packages of work with those best able to deliver them, bit by bit, it all comes together to produce the outcome we have set out to achieve. For me the joy comes from getting to know the subcontractors and developing open, honest and collaborative relationships with them all, that’s what breeds real project success.

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